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Moving House and Celestial Timing

Well, after a brief foray of living at my parents, I’ve finally gotten my own place again.

Finally…. Well, that’s a bit of a fallacy. After seeing the Welfare Board and registering for a flat, I was told there was at least a six month waiting list. I was ready for this, I was getting settled in with my folks, and I had 10mb Internet and magical parent cupboards. Apart from not being able to smoke or shag, it was a cushy number*.

So you can imagine my surprise, but a couple of months later, when I got asked to attend a perfectly normal meeting at about 7pm on a Monday night. I should have been playing drums so I asked if it could be another time. They said they had some keys for me. I said 7pm was going to be fine.

So I have keys, and a flat, and neighbors again. Its rather pleasant. The house is now clean (18l of paint later) and I’ve just about settled in (boxes from floor to ceiling everywhere). And the neighbors are rather nice -to the point where I’ve adopted a couple of 7 year olds, and I’m only just realizing how completely unsuitable Family Guy and American Dad are for kids. (in my defense, it was the kid that chose it, and apparently is aloud to watch it at home. Personally I found the episode where Roger probes Stan to be an embarrassing place to start).

So I got keys the next Thursday, but as my tenancy didn’t start until Monday, I had to promise not to move in or decide to squat the place. Instead it was decided (mostly by my Dad) that we’d put 15l of paint on the walls and some on the floor and couch. I took the most important job and spent a while scanning for local wireless, Internet was needed.

I found plenty of access points and then spent a while cursing the fact they’re send out “secure” now. Damned WPA-2. And the annoying thing, is that I could really do with Internet access to be able to find out the best way of trying to get around this security issue. ’twas a catch-22 but without selling parachutes.

No Internet has yet been sourced. I’m currently abusing a friends and getting dodgy looks. -I lie, actually. Thanks to one of my neighbors I’ve been lent a K800i to replace the K750 I’ve been using. Apparently Vodafone will only charge you ??1 per day for Internet access, with a 15mb fair usage cap, so I’ve been making dramatic use of Opera Mini and a 3G Internet connection. Its surprisingly nice. Very nice, in fact. The only thing I can complain about is the menu layout on the phone -it makes it upsettingly easy to type 500 words into a text entry box and then select clear rather than submit far too easily.

There was one amusing thing, though. After getting back to my desktop and my folks the XKCD comic of the day was Moving House.

*Cushy Number: Scientists (well, mathematicians) have for years, spoken about friendly, imaginary and a whole subset of other types of number. I don’t see why cushy can’t be real.

Internet: According to the spell check, it is a proper noun and deserves a capital letter. There is nothing proper about the internet, so…. -comments pelase.

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