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Little Hard Drive Info

In the past, recovering data from laptops (or rather from 2.5″ IDE hard drives) has been a Pain in the Ass.

Due to their tiny size there is no chance in hell of connecting a standard IDE cable never mind a standard Molex power connector, so you’ve always had to use an adaptor cable (standard IDE & power on one end, laptop connector on the other), which is peachy-fine, except for when its lost, lent out or just damn hard to get hold of in the first place.

Later this evening I’m expecting a 2.5″ laptop SATA hard drive dropping off as it needs swapping out in a Sony Vaio -and I started worrying. What if I need special adapters/cables if I want to hook the old drive up to my PC to do some data recovery?

Not a problem. Turns out that the new Laptop Drives (probably because they’re also now used in enterprise RAID Arrays) all have standard SATA Power and Data connectors on them, which is fantastically handy :)

Anyway, the only reason I feel the need to point this out, is that I spent 20min googling for specifications, found nothing, and in the end pulled apart a laptop to find out :)

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