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Stop Auto-Signin to Messenger on Xbox360

So I got asked a couple of days ago how to stop the xbox auto signing in to MSN Messenger.
Whilst its a handy feature (-I talk to a couple of people over MSN who don’t have a computer, just Live,) it’s also a great PITA1 to constantly get signed off from the computer and to have people trying to chat when you’re busy killing Horde or trying to complete a Rally.

So, very simpily:

  1. Sign in as you on the Xbox.
  2. Hit the (X) button to get to the Blade menu.
  3. Go to Settings (its the far right blade).
  4. Select Profile.
  5. Hit Auto Sign-In.

We get given two basic options;

Auto Sign-In for:

  • Xbox Live  (Enable/Disable)
  • Windows Live Messenger (Enable/Disable)

You can probably guess your way from here.

Now might be a good place to have a quick rant about the new 360 Dashboard. Its fucking awful. </rant> 😉

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