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vmware workstation (on linux)

Vmware’s Workstation (version is proving impossible to get running on my Gentoo-AMD64 box.

It seems to get installed without any bother, the kernel modules load fine, but then when I run workstation or player, it tells me it “Cannot initiate the installer DB” when trying to run it.

Currently going round in circles trying to get somewhere. -and I thought updating would be a good idea. 6.0 was really sweet.



Turns out, its actually quite simple. And it seems other gentoo users have been having problems((see gentoo bug ID 248813 and maybe this gentoo forums post))

The trick to getting it working, is very simple. Even if it did take me about a week of going round in circles to get anywhere. Delete (or atleast move) /etc/vmware. Then reinstall and you’re done.

However -Rather than downloading an illigal copy of vmware-workstation, or even worse paying for it, why not try VirtualBox as a direct replacement to workstation?

Its free, open source, and frankly, is preferable to vmware. Try it for a week, once you get past the fact its different, it becomes really quite sweet 😀

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  1. MidnighToker
    December 12th, 2008 at 09:13 | #1

    got it working, finally. turns out you have to delete the /etc/vmware folder otherwise you get all sorts of errors.

    this is also a test of anonymous comments.

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