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CiBOX Monitor -Hidden Factory Menu

CiBOX Factory Menu
A couple of years ago, I got paid for some programming with a  CiBOX C1905 19″ Monitor.

When  I first got it, I thought it was the dogs-danglies, however after using it for a little while, two inconsolable problems came to light.

Personally I dislike wide-screen monitors. I spend a lot of time typing and whether it be paragraphs of text or lines of code / config files; all of which (especially if you hope it to be printable) have a habit of being in portrait; eg: Scrolling Down!

I have got nothing against the idea of the wide-screen format, but I do object to these ridiculous resolutions I now have to endure. My nice monitor at home is an old 19″ Sony Trinitron; approximately 7 years old now and happily supports a resolution of 1280×1024. The CiBox replaced another old Sony Trinitron; this time a 15″ and came with my first PC in 1996. It supported (before it finally died) a resolution of 1024×768.

OK, I suppose, just having typed it now, that in comparison 1440×900 isn’t as awful a resolution as it could be, but seriously, its nowhere near as high as it could be. I have config files going on for thousands of lines and these screens are not helping.

I was swapping a hard-drive in a £2,000 Sony VAIO laptop last month1 and it booted Vista. I couldn’t work out why it had such massive icons until I realised the screen in this slick shiny box was only 1366×768. What the freakin fuck!?

My other major annoyance is with the colours on this hunk-o-junk. I didn’t realise it until the guy I was coding with wanted me to look at some background boxes I couldn’t see. No matter how I try and adjust it, pale-pastel colours just don’t exist on this thing. I’d be interested to know if anyone else has this problem. Anyway, onto the bit you might be interested in:

[HowTo: Engineers Menu]

  1. Switch off the monitor.
  2. Hold down the Volume-Down button.
  3. Tap the Power button. Keep the volume-down button held down.
  4. The monitor will power on. It should show you adjusting the volume down, however the OSD will applier on the Left (usually its on the right).
  5. Select System from the OSD Menu.
  6. Power cycle the monitor as usual to reset.

I don’t pretend to understand what you can do in the Factory menu. Mess about and break things at your own risk; I reset my total on-time before I realised what I shouldn’t be doing.

  1. It was still under warranty, but the owner had previous experience with Sony’s wonderful support system and decided it would be easier and cheaper to get it done privatly. []
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