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The Raq3 -an introduction

So I got gifted a Sun Cobalt Raq 3, and before I had the chance to see it, I thought I was onto a winner.

Cobalt sounds cool, and hey, its a 1u Sun box, surely its gotta be ace!

Turns out to be a 498mhz K6-2 (apparently it was a 300 as default), a very strange boot sequence and a bodged version of redhat 2 (iirc) which I don’t care for.

Anyway, after trying to update the firmware and managing to brick it, I’m in the process of trying to get gentoo on it.

Annoyingly, there are no k6-2 stage 3 builds, so I’m currently creating a recent one and am hoping to post it shortly.

I was looking at nagios (ah, gcc has just re-built itself. That took long enough) which is what set me off on wanting a proper server, and I only want nagios as I got gifted a cisco 2900 to play with.

So, its been busy recently. And I’ve been trying to teach myself protools and re-wire a studio. Too much smoke, not enough sleep :)

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