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[solved] E17: Cursor problems & no Screen Flip

After crippling my system (don’t update libjpeg when every single one of your GUI based apps is built against it) I found myself having to reinstall E17.

Two major issues seems to jump out at me, though both are easily fixed.

  1. Screen Flip Stops Working
  2. Xorg starts eating up tonnes of memory.

1. Not really a bug, just a change to be aware of. If you now want your standard screen flipping, you have to enable it both as a module and also then configure it in settings. so:

Open Modules (Settings -> Extentions -> Modules) and make sure the Settings – Edge Bindings module is enabled.

Once it is, open the Edge Bindings Settings pannel (Settings -> Input -> Edge Bindings). If you don’t find anything configured, then hit “Restore Default Bindigs” to set things back to normal. Done.

The other problem that seems to have reared its head is with the Enlightenment cursor, or rather the e17 cursor being affected by a bug in Xorg.

The easy fix is to disable the e17 cursor: Settings -> Look -> Mouse Cursor:
Change Cursor Settings to Use X Cursor.
(Some people have reported that disabling “Idle Cursor” also resets memory consumption back to normal).

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