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Stepping up the game

Wiresharking lo with a gui on a remote headless server:
(because when your ssl wrapped (stunnel) smtp auth fails, logs aren’t as good as bytes.)

ssh [email protected]
yum install xorg-x11-xauth dejavu-lgc-sans-fonts wireshark-gnome
ssh -X [email protected]

win -assuming you use linux on your desktop 😉

after the break, for windows:

head to sourceforge and download/install xming  -you should end up with a little icon in the systemtray.

I’m assuming you’re using putty (or kitty if you’ve got sense), so open it up and enter the hostname as per usual.

Connection -> SSH -> X11:   -Tick the Enable X11 forwarding tick box and connect.

run your commands and win (gadmin-samba is what was smbpasswd…)

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