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CranialTrauma.co.uk was rented a few years ago, after too much drink and lots of confusion.

Since then, it has mostly laid dormant, until recently after moving both cities and hosting providers, I finally got off my ass and installed WordPress.

I’ve had a few blogs over the years in different names and places. This one I hope to use for a few reasons.

Predominantly, I keep finding myself doing things (usually on with or near a computer) that aren’t documented particularly well. Apart from wanting to share this with the world, I also find myself needing to keep a record of what I’m doing. I’m sick and tired of forgetting how I got things done. And I don’t as rule remember where the hell I left the notes I made when I was doing it -So being on the web makes sense.

I find myself amused by stupid trivia and minutia. I also have an awful memory; this means I can record it (and in a more searchable and controllable way than facebook). I also find writing quite enjoyable and a space to rant is always healthy.

Mostly though, I just want people to think I’m cool, so a web 1.5 blog it had to be. /me shudders slightly. (this entire line is a joke).

Its worth noting that blog entries especially with regard to events, places and general shit are mostly fictional. Some of it is based on truth, bits might have happened, but its best to see most of it as fiction, or possibly a long term thought experiment, it is by no means reality and should not be seen as real.
That said, any technical articles, especially code instructions will be factually accurate (a. because I don’t get amusement watching people hose their systems and b. because I plan on being able to copy/paste it in the future. That (that) said, any story surrounding the code snippets is likely changed, distorted, or just has no bearing on the reality of events at all. I’m not going to highlight fictionalised bits of storytelling because the entire site needs to be consumed with plenty of water and enough salt to massacre an elephant.

Lastly, I feel I should point out that anything expressed in this site is (fiction, but) wholeheartedly mine and mine alone. Often past and present employers (potential employees and probably even friends) have not, do not or will not share my views, beliefs, ideas, methods, conclusions or presentation of facts or interpretations of technical merits -in fact, often they will have a whole other set I’ve failed to even conciser. C’est la vie; this is a massive positive. The best engineering teams in the world are comprised of diverse unique people who all believe in doing a job well, who all want to impress and who are all willing to be proven wrong -or more precisely, willing to have their paradigm shifted.


— edited December 2013, last edited August 2008 (holy carp!).

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