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Unlock Samsung S3 (i9300) in seconds

February 3rd, 2014 No comments

Trying to do some testing against a mobile network and wanted to use my UK T-Mobile S3; annoyingly as much as I could roam onto other networks, every time I tried to enter APN details (specifically non-matching MCC/MNC) they seemed to get automatically deleted when I saved them.

Rang up T-mobile and spoke to a lovely gentleman there, who told me I could get my phone unlocked for only £25 and with (upto) a months wait. As i didn’t relish waiting (and I’m sure the last time I spent 6 months not getting a code for my desire), I thought I’d find an easier option.

1 – Root Phone

2 -Install GalaxSim Unlock

3 -Pay GalaxSim £2.50 through the play store (T-mobile want £25)

4 -Be amazed and profit; all my APN settings are suddenly there again and it’s happy with all sorts of odd SIM cards.

5 -Be surprised it’s taken you this long to get round to it.

edit: So it turns out T-Mobile (UK) does something odd with their sim cards. Even in an unlocked phone (tested with a nexus 4), if you have a T-Mobile SIM installed then it won’t let you specify APN details that contain MNC/MCC that doesn’t match 234-30. Extremely annoying, especially as it took an hour on the phone to confirm this

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Backlight on the g1

May 3rd, 2009 No comments

I’ve been using the g1 for a few months now on a daily basis, and for the most part I’ve been quite happy with the screen and have never had to change the brightness settings.

I was a little upset when trying to give directions earlier in bright sunlight, as I was squinting quite a lot.

My upset was quickly replaced by amazement as I realied ILd been running for 3 months with the screen brightness turned to 0%; change it to 30% and it was bright and readable again. Fantastic!

Truth be told, as screens go, its almost too bright, I keep finding myself reading in bed and wishing I could make the screen dimmer, but it looks like -15% screen brightness (would not only suck all of the light out of the world, but also) is beyound easy reach.

-as a side note, its quite hard typing on the g1 when you’ve but off the end of your finger chopping onions :(

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