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Linux Source Swearing

February 10th, 2009 No comments

x=Swear Words, y=kernel revision
It was my attempt to track down some of the more amusing kernel source code comments I’d heard, that led me to thinking I’d broken the advanced tagline plugin (tho it wasn’t).

It was also this quest, that led me across this most fantastic graph, showing Linux Kernel Revision against #of swear words contained.

Many thanks to Mr. Holden of for posting this (and amusingly he’s currently using the same theme we are :))

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Organic Tobacco co.

October 7th, 2008 No comments

Smoking harms you, and those around you  -but doesn’t have to kill the planet.

I’ve decided its high time I jumped on the organic, free range, fair-trade bandwagon, and I think I have my first fantastic product to bring to market.

May I introduce to you; The Organic Tobacco co.

Ethically sourced tobacco, grown in free range fields (the crops are encouraged to move around as much as they like) and left fresh and pure, brought to you in the Organic isle at your local Salisbury’s.

Recycled and none-bleached rolling papers, bio-degradable filters for the tipped variety. All the packaging is 100% recycled.

Buy Fair Trade Fags by Fair Trade Fags :)