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This is what you get for paying

April 1st, 2010 1 comment

Not that I’m advocating piracy at all, but the recent Ubisoft DRM Fails and the not so recent events that saw people who had bought a legitimate version of Spore downloading and installing cracked versions just to get it to work do make me think….

iPod Boot Codes

April 15th, 2009 No comments

After showing off my G1, a friend of mine came round with an iPod Touch (8GB) that he got to play with.

It seems its already been jailbroken, but to be honest we have no idea whats going on with it. One thing that is evident, is that the battery indicator shows whatever it feels like at the time.

I figured the device would have a diagnostic menu that might shed some light on what the battery is actually feeling, but after much googling, it seems that there isn’t a Diagnostic Menu on the new iPods at all. :-(

For those of you with an older ipod (with buttons on it) there is a fantastic boot-menu key sequence over at which is well worth bookmarking.

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FireFox & WordPress

January 15th, 2009 No comments

It turns out one of my (many) firefox plugins is causing wordpress to break in strange ways, namely when trying to edit a post, it reloads the main page inside of one of the iframes and then fails.
More info as it comes.

Thu Jan 15 18:25:35 GMT 2009:

I tried to be clever. I re-installed WordPress, Disabled all the plugns on the website and all to no avail.

Then I used my brain and tested it in another browser (seamonkey) and found it all working perfectly -fantastic, not a server issue then, but FireFox.

After switching to a different FF profile1 for a little while, I prove it was due to the plugins I was using.

Having finally switched back to my orogional profile, I’ve found everything working fine again. Which is a PITA.

  1. `firefox –profilemanager` []