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C&C First Decade: Windows 7

December 20th, 2010 16 comments

Command and Conquer First DecadeWell, Christmas time is nearly here, and as much as I hate all the adverts on telly, its a great time of year to get snowed in, crack out the old computer games and put your feet up on the computer for warmth. With this in mind, I’ve written a little guide for getting C&C The first Decade working on a modern Windows 7 system.

Command and Conquer; Tiberian Dawn came out in 1995 and was followed shortly after in 1996 with Red Alert. Hidden in the lounge at my friend Ian’s house with his mum upstairs asleep, his chronically underpowered 233mhz pentium computer wurring away I was absolutely amazed by the entire C&C experience. The installer was immensive and fell modern and damned cool, the video’s looked beautiful and like nothing else I’d experienced and the music track was fantastic. Many hours were lost.

So now, 15 years after the first game was released lets have a go at getting it all running in time for Christmas. After a couple of days of failure (and the need to multiplay with my brother) I gave up getting it running in WINE under Linux and cracked on with a Windows 7 install.

In 2006 Westwood packaged the first 8 years of gaming into one 8gb installer. Some of the games still work “out of the  box”, others (like Generals; ironically the latest games) are a bit of a pig to get going; but they all will work!

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GoogleMail on Sony Ericsson K750i

August 7th, 2008 9 comments

I use Google A Tools to manage email for some of the domains I’m hosting. After spending a couple of years messing about with exim, courier-imap and squirrelmail (and then roundcube, which is rather nice, if bad) I decided that when I moved the server, I couldn’t be bothered setting it all up again and google was the easy way out.

One stoned evening, after not being near a net connection for a couple of days, I started suffering withdrawal, and ended up installing Opera Mini (which is surprisingly good), set up the account to allow IMAP and then tried to configure the phone. All I got was an error stating:

Encryption error, TLS/SSL unknown certificate authority

I spent a lot of time googling and got nowhere fast, in the end it turns out to be really simple; all you need to do is have the Thwate Premium Server CA Certificate installed. Easy :)

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