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GoogleMail on Sony Ericsson K750i

August 7th, 2008 9 comments

I use Google A Tools to manage email for some of the domains I’m hosting. After spending a couple of years messing about with exim, courier-imap and squirrelmail (and then roundcube, which is rather nice, if bad) I decided that when I moved the server, I couldn’t be bothered setting it all up again and google was the easy way out.

One stoned evening, after not being near a net connection for a couple of days, I started suffering withdrawal, and ended up installing Opera Mini (which is surprisingly good), set up the account to allow IMAP and then tried to configure the phone. All I got was an error stating:

Encryption error, TLS/SSL unknown certificate authority

I spent a lot of time googling and got nowhere fast, in the end it turns out to be really simple; all you need to do is have the Thwate Premium Server CA Certificate installed. Easy :)

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